Instructions for Editing Biography Template


Please note all changes to the header, footer and photo must be made through the Header/Footer.

To access them, go to View - Header and Footer

  1. To insert photo (after selecting View - Header and Footer):
    1. Option 1: copy photo from another document and paste it into the document.
    2. Option 2: Select Insert - Picture - From File and then navigate to where the photo is saved on your computer or network drive.
  2. To size and place the photo properly:
    1. Select Format - Picture.
    2. Click on the Size tab.
    3. In the Size dialogue box, make sure "Lock aspect ratio" is clicked.
    4. In the width box, enter 2.125. Let the height adjust itself accordingly (this will ensure the photo is not skewed).
    5. Then click the Layout tab to position the photo.
    6. In the Layout dialogue box, click "In front of Text".
    7. On the same screen, click the "advanced" button for a new dialogue box.
    8. In this dialogue box, under Horizontal, enter .75 to the right of "page" into the last row.
    9. Under Vertical, enter 2.8 below "page" into the last row.(It is critical that you select "page" for both rows.)
    10. Click Okay on this screen and the next one. The photo should be placed at the correct size in the column to the left of the text.
  3. For the sub-brand, follow the same steps as above, with the following changes:
    1. For the Size, enter 91% into the percentage box (instead of entering a width).
    2. For the Layout position, enter .5 into both the horizontal and vertical sections.

Last updated: July 18, 2013

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