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Members of the Federation of BiH Women’s Caucus

Going against the tide of politics and tradition in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), women parliamentarians have come together to form the country's first issues-based caucus, one that centers on common interests rather than party platforms. 

Bozo Ninkovic from Samac with his son and one daughter. They lost everything when their home was under 10 feet of water.

Where do you start when you’ve lost everything you own? What should you replace first—and how?

Jasenko Suljetovic, president of the Queer Activist Assn. in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska.

It’s not easy standing up for gay rights in a country where the government and most citizens see nothing wrong with a Facebook campaign that incites violence against fellow citizens and “outs” certain women as the “five most wanted lesbians in Sarajevo.”

Julijana Tičinović, an architect from Livno, started her legal battle with Livno Municipality in 2012.

Julijana Tičinović and her husband Bernard filed their first complaint exposing the secret sale of public land in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in early 2012. At first they fought “the system” alone: three legal venues, three dismissals. Then they approached USAID's anti-corruption network for help—and this time they won.

Višnja Marilović, whistleblower from public company Centar Skenderija in Sarajevo.

Suad Dzindo, the former director of public company Skenderija Center in Bosnia and Hergovina (BiH), has been indicted by a cantonal court in Sarajevo as a result of a whistleblower report by former company bookkeeper Visnja Marilovic.


Last updated: September 01, 2016

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