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Transforming Lives

Ilja Andric in Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina says thanks to the US, his village enjoys safe, reliable electricity.

To the people of Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, unpredictable power outages were a way of life that impacted businesses, schools, and homes. Any time there was a storm or technical failure, people could lose power for lengthy periods of time.

U.S. Army cadets and local students in Travnik, BiH, painting playground fence.

Following the catastrophic floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in May 2014, two U.S. Government agencies have been working together to deliver emergency supplies for flood victims, refurbish schools and rebuild playgrounds and youth camps. And they’ve tackled tougher issues, too, such as government transparency and corruption.

Youth Basketball Win Unites All the People of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Anyone who was in Sarajevo the night the team came home has witnessed the power of sport to unite the people of BiH. More than 50,000 people took to the streets in Sarajevo and throughout the country to celebrate the victory of their national youth basketball team.

Members of the Federation of BiH Women’s Caucus

Going against the tide of politics and tradition in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), women parliamentarians have come together to form the country's first issues-based caucus, one that centers on common interests rather than party platforms. 

Bozo Ninkovic from Samac with his son and one daughter. They lost everything when their home was under 10 feet of water.

Where do you start when you’ve lost everything you own? What should you replace first—and how?


Last updated: November 30, 2016

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