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USAID INSPIRE Human Rights project in Bosnia and Herzegovina
September 22, 2020

Through the INSPIRE program, USAID works to empower BiH citizens and government institutions to improve overall human rights protections, services, and employment prospects for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most vulnerable persons.

USAID E-Governance Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina
September 22, 2020

Through this project, USAID helps BiH increase transparency and reduce corruption in targeted government-led processes, focusing on digitalization as a tool for fighting corruption. USAID’s implementing partner for this five-year $10.9 million project is Millennium Partners.

Citizens fight against corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina
February 24, 2020

Based on public surveys, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) consistently rank corruption as one of the biggest problems in the country. Despite the positive steps taken to stop corruption – numerous reforms, strategies and measures – corruption in BiH remains widespread. The cancer of corruption corrodes political stability, economic growth, and the country’s progress toward EU integration and self-reliance.

February 4, 2020

Companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) don’t always know where to turn for training and other assistance they need to expand or break into EU markets. So, when local metal processing companies reached out for help, USAID listened.

January 3, 2020

Donji Zabar, a municipality in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), is proud to be known locally as the ‘egg and poultry town’. Predrag Milicic, CEO of poultry egg producer AGREKS, claims that Donji Zabar produces the highest number of eggs per capita in Europe.

Fact or not, BiH food producers now have a much wider market for their BiH egg-based products – and that is a boost for business all the way from Donji Zabar to food processing and transportation.


Last updated: December 01, 2020

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