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Enhancing and Advancing Basic Learning and Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina
April 28, 2017

Project Snapshot:

Total Funding: $1 million

Duration: September 2016-September 2018

Implementing Partner:  Save the Children BiH


The Challenge

Combating Gender-based Violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina
April 28, 2017

Project Snapshot:

Total Funding:  $987,000*

Project End:  December 2018

Implementing Partner:

  BiH Gender Equality Agency

*$749,000 USAID; $238,000 (in-kind) BiH Agency for Gender Equality


The Challenge

April 28, 2017

Country Profile

The Dayton Peace Accords brought an end to the 1992-95 war and began the transition to peace and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). More than 20 years later, however, the country is still struggling to overcome the effects of conflict. The country is largely rebuilt, but economic growth remains slow. Progress, however, includes the Stabilization and Association Agreement between the EU and BiH, which entered into force in 2015. BiH formally applied for EU membership the following year, and the EU accepted the application in September 2016.

January 18, 2017

In Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), people with disabilities are often economically and socially excluded on a much larger scale than those in Western Europe. The state has been unable to fully meet its responsibilities to citizens with special needs. People with intellectual disabilities are often placed in institutions, rather than being empowered to live independently.

January 17, 2017

Since 1996 the American people have contributed more than $1.7 billion to improve the lives of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and help lay the foundations for the country’s future.


Last updated: May 02, 2017

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