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  • The 3rd BH Energy Summit in Neum, supported by USAID, gathered 400 members of regional governments, the energy sector, and media to work on improving the regulatory framework, removing obstacles to investment, and creating a market-oriented environment.

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  • All we want is peace: For the first time after the war, ex-war camp prisoners of three ethnic groups jointly pay respects to all war victims, visiting all three monuments--Doboj, Maglaj and Žepče--in one day. (USAID PRO-Future Project)

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  • Agriculture is central to the lives and livelihoods of citizens in BiH. At a USAID event in Banja Luka, Amb. Cormack spoke about the need for structural and legislative reforms to spur development and prepare BiH producers to compete in EU markets.

  • USAID/Bosnia's “Meet the Real Heroes!” campaign promotes education and educators (the REAL heroes)!

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  • In honor of the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, USAID called on citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to notice and react to discrimination against disabled persons. Anything else is acceptance.

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  • Students cheer for Bambi wheelchair basketball club for women at event -- #BitnaSam (I am important!) -- to promote women’s empowerment and participation in organized sports in BiH. USAID provided sports wheelchairs for the players.

  • Ambassador Cormack marked the 20th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accord and closed USAID’s campaign, Time Capsule: The Next 20 Years. She and BiH President Izetbegovic sealed a time capsule with 22,000 citizens’ messages of hope for the next 20 years.

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Julijana and Bernard Ticinovic of Livno who fought corruption in public procurement -- and finally won.
Bosnian Company Scores Victory Against Corruption
Poster from USAID-supported campaign “Silence is NOT Golden (Sutnja Nije Zlato)”
Silence Is Not Golden: Bosnians Stand Against Gender-Based Violence
Public presentation of government monitoring reports in February 2017.
Increasing Citizen Demand for Good Government in Bosnia and Herzegovina

About Bosnia and Herzegovina

USAID in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) contributes to U.S. Government objectives in the country by helping BiH progress toward a harmonized economy, effective and transparent government institutions with a strong civil society, and a multi-ethnic, tolerant society.

Helping the country to become a more stable country, closer to Euro-Atlantic integration, is USAID's goal. Reaching this objective includes establishing functional state-level institutions, inclusion of minorities in the political process, compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights, GDP growth, increased economic competitiveness, and a clear strategy for EU accession.

USAID's democracy and governance work in BiH focuses on accountable institutions that meet citizens’ needs. The Agency's economic growth work focuses on a competitive, market-oriented economy that provides better opportunities for all.

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