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Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • USAID promoted tourism in the Via Dinarica mountains with an “InstaAdventure,” a two-day outdoor Instagram challenge with popular young stars from the virtual world, who livestreamed their adventure to their thousands of followers on INTV (InstaTV).

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  • Landing page for uporedistruju.ba, a price comparison tool to help electricity users in Bosnia and Herzegovina choose their supplier and save money. The app, developed by USAID with NARUC, will be a model for replication in other countries.

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  • USAID helped purchase transparent ballot boxes and supported the Pod Lupom Coalition, which trained and mobilized 4,000 election observers, to help ensure free and fair elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • USAID supports social inclusion of persons with disabilities, while BiH citizens overall overcome prejudices and negative attitudes toward disadvantaged groups. Pictured, USAID donates equipment for the Sarajevo Swimming Club for Disabled Children (SPID).

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  • USAID Mission Director Peter Duffy accepts an award from the Federation Banking Agency, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, for USAID’s continuous support to the country’s banking sector.

  • With USAID support over the past four years, the Energy Summit in Neum has become the main meeting place for energy stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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  • Students in Republika Srpska entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina view ‘Lično (Personal): Portraits of War Victims’ exhibition at the East New Sarajevo Culture Center (exhibition supported by USAID PRO-Future project).

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  • Bosnian baker Silvana turned her childhood passion into a business. Now her cakes and pastries are making their way across the country.

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Milky Way
The Milky Way: USAID assistance has helped Bosnia and Herzegovina develop its agricultural sector since 2004
USAID - Positive Power
Positive Power in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Newly trained and hired workers of the Prevent Step factory in Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Step by Step, Jobs Come Back to Bosnian Town

About Bosnia and Herzegovina

USAID in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) contributes to U.S. Government objectives in the country by helping BiH progress toward a harmonized economy, effective and transparent government institutions with a strong civil society, and a multi-ethnic, tolerant society.

Helping the country to become a more stable country, closer to Euro-Atlantic integration, is USAID's goal. Reaching this objective includes establishing functional state-level institutions, inclusion of minorities in the political process, compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights, GDP growth, increased economic competitiveness, and a clear strategy for EU accession.

USAID's democracy and governance work in BiH focuses on accountable institutions that meet citizens’ needs. The Agency's economic growth work focuses on a competitive, market-oriented economy that provides better opportunities for all.

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