Elephants in the KAZA Transfrontier Conservation Area
Elephants in the KAZA Transfrontier Conservation Area
Mark Atkinson, WCS

BiodiversityLinks is the new knowledge sharing portal launched by the Biodiversity Division in the Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation’s (DDI) Center for Environment, Energy, and Infrastructure (EEI).  This new knowledge portal for biodiversity conservation and development features key USAID tools and resources as well as new pages for evidence and learning. 

The site features a redesigned homepage with updated navigation and search tools. Users will be able to easily access resources prioritized by topic areas—such as Wildlife, Marine and Fisheries, Forests, Cross-Sectoral Integration, and Adaptive Management—and explore biodiversity’s role in generating cross-sector benefits with Climate, Economic Growth, and Food Security.

Enjoy exploring the new site! The Biodiversity Division will continue adapting based on user feedback so please reach out to the site managers with any thoughts or questions so the site can better meet your needs.

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