USAID Biodiversity Policy

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USAID aims to shape a future in which both people and biodiversity thrive via improvements in economic prosperity, social equity and environmental stewardship. The Agency’s first-ever Biodiversity Policy builds upon our long history of conserving biodiversity for current and future generations, and reflects our recognition of the role that healthy natural systems play in achieving development goals.

The Biodiversity Policy represents our strengthened commitment to conserve biodiversity through: 1) Strategic actions to conserve the world’s most important biodiversity, such as stamping out global wildlife trafficking; and 2) A new focus on integrating biodiversity and other development sectors for improved outcomes. The Policy recognizes that biodiversity loss can be driven by unsustainable development, that there are trade-offs between biodiversity conservation and development goals that must be understood and managed, and that biodiversity conservation itself can be a critical tool for achieving sustainable development. The Policy will also catalyze shifts needed to align with the USAID Forward agenda to create more strategic, focused and results-oriented biodiversity programming and by applying scientific and research-motivated approaches to support sustainable biodiversity conservation and development outcomes.

USAID will continue to conserve biodiversity through strategic actions to reduce threats to priority biodiversity and to target key transboundary and global drivers, such as wildlife trafficking, that contribute to biodiversity loss. It will also continue its strong leadership role in influencing key international policy fora for improved conservation outcomes.

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Monday, July 7, 2014 - 9:30am

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