Gender and governance Specialist


The incumbent shall function primarily as the Project Management Specialist (Gender and
Governance) and serve as the Activity manager for the USAID-managed components of the
West Africa Cooperation Security Initiative activity, 2 social services ongoing activities
(women's justice and empowerment by combatting Gender Based Violence [GBV], women
leadership development and increased political participation), and 2 new activities addressing
GBV. S/he will coordinate the day-to-day implementation of these activities in accordance with
approved guidelines, regulations and procedures. The incumbent will also be acting as the
Mission Gender Advisor. S/he shall assure technical oversight for gender integration into all
aspects of the Mission's portfolio and in new activity design. Specifically, the Project
Management Specialist (Gender and Governance) shall perform the following:
Activity Management (60%)
- Function as activity manager of 5 activities (governance, women's empowerment,
combating GBV).
- Ensure that activity manager responsibilities are carried out in conformity with US
Government requirements, including USAID and Mission policies.
- Ensure that implementation letters on matters related to the agreement with the
Government of Benin for the activities are prepared and reflect input from responsible
offices within the Mission before legal review and final issuance.
- Ensure that obligating documents related to USAID agreements with the Government of
Benin for the activities are prepared according to standards and timelines established by
- Prepare and maintain budget planning and reporting documents. Keep organized records
physical and electronic (on share drive) so that at any time if questions were to arise
regarding the activity the documentation can provide the answers.
- Promote good relations with and provide technical guidance to USAID's implementing
partners (GOB, cooperating agencies, other donors and local Beninese NGOs). Represent
the US Government at appropriate ministerial working-level and donor coordination
- Work closely in collaboration with Department of Justice Advisor in the implementation
of WACSI activities, participate in interagency meetings, and liaise with virtual members
based in United States for collaboration.
- Lead activity design as assigned. Ensure that established timelines are met. Ensure that
activity planning documents conform to USAID requirements and reflect best practices in
gender programs.
- Prepare and review procurement plans for activities. Ensure that deadlines are met.
- Serve as focal point for activity related visits. Responsibilities include accompanying
high level visitors, ensuring that appropriate logistic support is in place, and providing
informal interpretation for non-French speakers as needed.
21Perform outreach and communication functions. This includes drafting activity-related
components of USAID reports.
Oversee the preparation of development outreach and communications materials and
ensure that written material such as speeches, narrative for the webpage, and press
Prepare materials or review input from other team members as assigned by the SEP Team
Conduct monitoring and evaluation through site visits to ensure activity implementation
is on course. Ensure USAID data standards are met through ongoing activity data
collection. Promote the independence of activity evaluations and facilitate the use of
external evaluators as much as possible.
Must maintain contact with relevant ministries of the GOB.
Represent USAID at public functions as assigned.
Friday, September 20, 2013 - 7:15am

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