Citizen Security

The dual goals of USAID youth programs in the Eastern Caribbean are to increase economic growth in these Caribbean nations and decrease crime, with a reduction in the number of adolescents involved in crime, both as victims and as perpetrators.

USAID’s citizen security work in Barbados and Eastern Caribbean focuses on at-risk youth, including support for basic education, workforce development, and microenterprise. Programs are designed to increase opportunities for the region’s youth, especially those at-risk, to educate a workforce that will provide productive assets to support the development of the region.  At-risk youth are provided with life skills support, basic education assistance, technical and vocational training, business skills development, internships, and assistance with job placements. 

The program also focuses on developing the entrepreneurial culture in the region through curriculum building that supports youth at the primary and tertiary levels.  The involvement of the private sector in identifying market demand as well as supporting enhanced curriculum definition is a key component of the program, improving the opportunity for educated youth to successfully enter the job market or create their own sustainable businesses.

Our juvenile justice reform programs seek to reduce recidivism rates among youth offenders and to increase the opportunities for youth who have had run-ins with the law to transform themselves into citizens that contribute positively to society.  These USAID programs focus on legal frameworks, capacity building within the juvenile justice system, and building public awareness on juvenile justice reform.

Last updated: January 22, 2016

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