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72038819R10002 – English Language Specialist/Technical Writer, (Resident Hire USPSC) GS-11

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Applicable for US Citizens Only

The Technical Writer/Editor will serve as the resident English-language expert for USAID/Bangladesh. S/he fulfills three main responsibilities:

  1.  Leads and/or assists with the drafting, reviewing, and editing of major USAID reporting and planning documents;
  2.  Ensures that documents prepared by the Mission are written in American English, follow U.S. government (USG) standards for the use of clear and easily understood language, and are well organized, concise, and easily accessible to reviewers from a broad array of disciplines; and
  3.  Provides targeted English language training to USAID staff to improve the quality of oral and written communication skills.



Resident Hire USPSC:  A U.S. citizen who, at the time of hire as a PSC, resides in the cooperating country as a spouse or dependent of a U.S. citizen employed by a U.S. government agency or under any U.S. government-financed contract or agreement, or for reasons other than for employment with a U.S. government agency or under any U.S. government-financed contract or agreement. A U.S. citizen for purposes of this definition also includes persons who at the time of contracting are lawfully admitted permanent residents of the United States.


Opening Date: October 28, 2018

Closing Date: Open Until Filled


Application form for Employment:

Application Form for Federal Employment: AID-309-2

Last updated: November 30, 2021

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