Bangladesh Vacancy Announcement 72038822R10024 – Project Development Specialist (Project & Design Advisor), FSN – 11

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The Project Development Specialist (Project & Design Advisor), as the recognized professional in project and activity design, is responsible for coordinating Project and Activity Design processes at the Mission, from initial concept stage through analysis to final project/activity approval and programmatic approvals for changes during implementation. As SME for design, the Specialist’s expertise leads development of logical and results frameworks, linkages with USG strategies/initiatives, and cross cutting objectives such as sustainability and inclusive development. and assists all staff in carrying out the Program Office’s core functions (project/activity design, planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation) and will also represent the Program Office (PRO) on one or more Development Objective (DO) teams. The Specialist also serves as certified A/COR on contracts for services for program office functions or on grants for multisector, cross cutting objectives.

During project and activity design, s/he provides direction and guidance to technical teams on defining the scope of economic, financial, social, and technical feasibility studies required for design, performs policy analysis to ensure regulatory compliance of processes and documents and assesses the design’s overarching coherence with development principles and Mission strategy. The Specialist interfaces with all technical teams on a continual basis to ensure all activity designs are on schedule. The Specialist also liaises with other Bureaus and serves on design advisory groups.

The Project Development Specialist tracks and research issues regarding Bangladesh’s development and new approaches to project design and implementation. The Specialist serves as the Mission’s design and implementation professional on cross-cutting issues such as sustainability, localization, local solutions and local ownership, self-reliance, diaspora engagement and resilience. The Specialist advises Mission senior management on the political and economic context in Bangladesh and how the evolving context may impact USAID’s ability to achieve its objectives. The Specialist is responsible for managing application processes not managed by the Office of Acquisition and Assistance; the Specialist manages the Mission’s unsolicited application process, concurrence request process for Agency-wide initiatives in Bangladesh and Mission participation in opportunities managed by USAID headquarters.

S/he must also maintain contacts with a wide range of officials and community leaders, non-governmental donors and entities to gain understanding and insight into the country’s social and economic needs and to interpret and gain support for U.S. assistance policies and goals.


Opening Date: August 04, 2022

Closing date: August 18, 2022


Applications for Employment:

Application Form AID-309-2

Note: We appreciate your interest in USAID. However, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Additionally, only candidates that are interviewed will be notified if the position is filled.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022 - 5:30am

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