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Bangladesh Vacancy Announcement – – Partner Liaison Security Advisor, GS-14 (72038822R00010)

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Applicable for US Citizens Only

The Partner Liaison Security Advisor will provide a full range of security, safety, and logistical services, including life support services for a robust and diverse portfolio. The core Bangladesh operating yearly budget (OYB) was over $200 million in Fiscal Year 2020, one of the largest in the Asia Bureau. This position will support and further development the Mission’s PLSO, which manages the Mission’s implementing partners security plans, including security protocols, awareness of security conditions, safety of personnel and equipment, and life support systems. Accordingly, this position will oversee the entire range of USAID’s security, safety and logistical concerns for all USAID/Bangladesh projects and administrative matters. The Partner Liaison Security Advisor will provide services and advice across the spectrum of USAID's assistance programs in Bangladesh. The position will engage with USAID Mission Management, including all offices within the USAID Mission; such as, technical, executive and procurement offices; State Regional Security Office, including other sections with the greater US Embassy community; host government counterparts, particularly at the local level; and the Mission’s implementing partners on issues related to security, safety (including life support) and logistics (includes things, such as movement, lodging) related to all of the Mission’s implementation programs. The position requires versatility, a strong understanding of security and safety policies, procedures, laws, and overall security and logistical management and best practices, including an ability to manage a high volume of work tasks simultaneously, customer focus, and strong interpersonal skills. The position will provide essential support to all Technical Offices and support offices within the Mission and work closely with the Embassy’s Regional Security Office. The position will provide security, safety, and logistical counsel on a host of operational, administrative, and management issues, and liaises with Embassy Management regarding relevant policy guidance concerning USDH and local staff. 

The Partner Liaison Security Advisor provides support to the Regional Security Office and USAID to facilitate field visits for USAID staff. Among other functions, the Partner Liaison Security Advisor conducts research and compiles information regarding security threats in the field where USAID operates in order to assist the Regional Security Office assess the threats to proposed field visits. The Partner Liaison Security Advisor assists Implementing Partners and USAID/Bangladesh by conducting route, site and facility surveys, and planning movements and activities associated with field visits. The Partner Liaison Security Advisor assists USAID/Bangladesh in preparing and submitting movement requests to the RSO for field trips and other activities. The Partner Liaison Security Advisor collects incident reports and threat data from Implementing Partners and other sources and maintains the data, including in the form of GIS products, to be used for planning and risk assessment. The Partner Liaison Security Advisor manages the issuance and use of Personal Tracker and Locator (PTL) satellite beacons and other security and emergency equipment for field visits. The Partner Liaison Security Advisor participates in embassy-wide movement planning meetings, as needed. The Partner Liaison Security Advisor may also be used within the embassy to assist the Regional Security Office with security awareness and training for embassy staff, including participation in the conduct of training and drills.

The Partner Liaison Security Advisor advises USAID Implementing Partners on security best practices and prepares security briefings, particularly newcomer briefings regarding the security environment in Bangladesh. The Partner Liaison Security Advisor may advise Implementing Partners on security protocols and procedures; however, this advice should not be considered prescriptive and is only an additional source of information that they may utilize in decision making.

The Partner Liaison Security Advisor may assist USAID Implementing Partners by coordinating with the Bangladesh police for routine protection and assistance matters but is not used for emergency notification or response and does not participate in criminal investigations.


Opening Date: July 31, 2022

Closing Date: August 21, 2022


Application for Employment:

Application for Federal Employment: AID-309-2

Last updated: October 03, 2022

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