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Nehayet Abbasova participates in women empowerment training.

Nehayet Abbasova, a secondary school teacher from the Shamkir region in Azerbaijan, had long sought the chance to attend educational courses. Despite her aspirations, rural Azerbaijan lacks opportunities for intellectually curious people to obtain new skills or gain practical knowledge.

Azerbaijani Woman Discovers the Power of Her Own Potential

In the mountainous Dashkasan district of rural Azerbaijan, old habits die hard. Many families maintain patriarchal traditions and women aren’t often encouraged to speak up. Hardly any woman has held a top government position in this district. But now things are changing.

Community members in Piramsan village inaugurate new electricity lines installed with USAID support

Improving the provision of electricity to households and businesses in Azerbaijan's Piramsan village in Shabran rayon has been a top priority of the community for a long time.

Surrounded with partners and local residents USAID Assistant Administrator Paige Alexander (center) takes a walk on the newly pa

The nearly century-old village of Zardabi lies on the Guba-Khachmaz road in northern part of Azerbaijan and is surrounded by thousands of apple and sour plum orchards. In Zardabi, like everywhere else in Azerbaijan, the social infrastructure collapsed along with the Soviet Union.

Azerbaijani Women Grow Confidence and Transform Their Lives

When a crowd of around 70 people listened to Aytekin Verdiyeva make an impassioned speech in August 2012 on women’s leadership in Azerbaijan, no one could have guessed it was her first public oration. Her feelings seemed to overwhelm her as she made her first speech as a government official.


Last updated: March 14, 2017

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