A New Modern Feed Analysis Laboratory opens in Central Aran

Senior laboratory assistant at a laboratory equipment
Senior laboratory assistant at a laboratory equipment
Vugar Naghiyev/USAID

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Saturday, November 27, 2010
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On 26 November 2010, a new modern Feed Analysis Laboratory was opened in Agjabedi, a town in the central region of Azerbaijan. The primary goal of the feed analysis laboratory is to increase milk production, daily weight gain for beef and poultry, as well as egg production in farms in the central region of the country, where the share of livestock and poultry rearing amounts to 50-60% of total farming activities.

Proper organization of feeding and quality of feed used in cattle-breeding is one of the factors directly affecting productivity. Lack of a feed analysis laboratory was an obstacle for farmers in increasing quality of the feed they use and in preparing a proper feed ration.

This new feed analisys laboratory, operated by the Agro Information Center (AIM), was funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through its Private Sector Competitiveness Enhancement project.

“With the assistance from the American people, USAID is pleased to have supported the establishment of the Feed Laboratory”, said Keith Simmons, USAID/Azerbaijan Acting Country Coordinator at the opening ceremony. “The laboratory will complement and augment AIM’s current support and provide a critically needed service to the livestock, poultry, and aquaculture sectors.”

“The aim of this feed analysis laboratory is to develop recommendations to farmers by analyzing their feed and composing feed rations based on these analysis.” said Maharram Hagverdiyev, senior laboratory assistant. “Following these recommendations, the farmers will be able to increase productivity in cattle-breading, poultry and aquaculture sectors.”

All equipment necessary for animal feed analysis was purchased and installed in the laboratory, and the staff received neccesary training and recommendations from foreign specialists. The laboratory will provide a quick locally available testing source for purchased and self-mixed feed preparations. All these will economically strengthen farmers  engaged in cattle-breeding, poultry and egg production and aquaculture.

With the assistance from the American people, USAID will continue to support agricultural sector in Azerbaijan through the recently announced Azerbaijan Competitiveness and Trade (ACT) project.

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