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Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 1:00pm


AGHJABEDI – Residents of the Koyuk village in Aghjabedi celebrated today the completion of a water supply project that improves the village’s access to water, thanks to a joint project between the United States and Azerbaijan.  The village of 900 people had long struggled with shortages in their household water supply.  Women and children carried water from a well that was located far from their homes to meet their daily household needs. With the construction of the new water distribution center, village residents will now collect this water from distribution points near their houses, saving valuable time and energy.

The American people, through USAID, and the Government of Azerbaijan co-financed the Koyuk village water project under USAID’s Socio-Economic Development Activity (SEDA). With technical support from USAID’s partner, the East-West Management Institute, the Koyuk community installed a new 25-ton capacity water tank and water pump, as well as 2,750 meters of new water pipes, one common use tap and 17 distributors to provide water to the community’s 201 families. 



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