Transforming Lives

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Every day, all over the world, USAID brings peace to those who endure violence, health to those who struggle with sickness, and prosperity to those who live in poverty. It is these individuals — these uncounted thousands of lives — that are the true measure of USAID’s successes and the true face of USAID's programs.

The citizens of Timbuktu, a region in northern Mali, experienced a large number of abuses during the country’s 2012 conflict, including rape and assault. Now victims of human rights abuses are attending psychosocial counseling as they move along the path to recovery.

Raspberry cultivation is a fast growing and lucrative business in Kosovo. This is very good news in a country that has one of the highest unemployment rates and one of the lowest rates of exports in Europe.

For decades, elected officials in Mali would finish their terms without accounting for their actions to their constituents. Following the 2012 political crisis in Mali, the citizenry, elected officials and civil society recognized that this had to change.

Uoči izbora za Narodnu skupštinu u junu 2014. godine, USAID je, kroz svoj projekat Povećanje uključenosti i ublažavanje nasilja u izbornim procesima, rasporedio na terenu 230 OSI kako bi pratili pristup svim aspektima izbornog procesa. To je uključivalo ne samo glasanje na dan izbora, koje je samo po sebi bilo podvig, već jedan program koji predstavlja kamen međaš – prvi svoje vrste u svetu – u okviru kojeg se vrši nadgledanje prethodne političke kampanje. Projekat se realizuje u partnerstvu sa Međunarodnom fondacijom za izborne sisteme i dve lokalne organizacije, HandiKOS i Kosovski demokratski institut.   

Për Zgjedhjet për Kuvendin Kombëtar të qershorit 2014, USAID-i përmes projektit të tij Zbutja e Dhunës në Proceset Zgjedhore, angazhoi në terren 230 PAK për të vëzhguar qasjen në të gjitha aspektet e procesit zgjedhor. Kjo përfshinte jo vetëm votimin në ditën e zgjedhjeve, gjë që ishte një arritje në vete, por edhe një program që mund të shërbejë si pikë referimi – i pari i llojit të vet në botë – përmes së cilit u vëzhguan fushatat politike paraprake. Ky projekt implementohet në partneritet me Fondacionin Ndërkombëtar për Sisteme Zgjedhore dhe dy organizata vendore, HandiKOS dhe Institutin Demokratik të Kosovës.  

Following the catastrophic floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in May 2014, two U.S. Government agencies have been working together to deliver emergency supplies for flood victims, refurbish schools and rebuild playgrounds and youth camps. And they’ve tackled tougher issues, too, such as government transparency and corruption.

Anyone who was in Sarajevo the night the team came home has witnessed the power of sport to unite the people of BiH. More than 50,000 people took to the streets in Sarajevo and throughout the country to celebrate the victory of their national youth basketball team.


The escalation of violence after the disputed 2010 presidential elections led to the worst humanitarian crisis in Côte d'Ivoire's history. Violence devastated families across the country, with an estimated 3,000 deaths, numerous arrests and hundreds of thousands forced to flee as internally displaced persons or refugees.

A natural disaster is 30 times more likely to occur in the Pacific Islands than in the United States. Floods, droughts, tropical cyclones and other extreme weather events have forced people to cope with the devastating effects of a changing climate. Many of the region’s villages have not developed formal disaster response training, leaving families unprepared to survive catastrophic events.


Last updated: July 12, 2021