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27-10-2020 15:00

The global digital infrastructure is changing rapidly, and the pitfalls and opportunities it presents have never been more consequential. I am encouraged by the attention that friends and partners in the Indo-Pacific region and around the world are giving to this issue. Together, we can ensure the widespread, equitable, and safe proliferation of these vital new technologies.

27-10-2020 12:45

Religious freedom, it is often said, is America’s first freedom, from which all other freedoms flow. Religious freedom is not only a God-given right, but an American value enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. I am fortunate to lead an agency that is promoting religious freedom in our work every day. Defending and promoting religious freedom for all is a top priority of the Trump Administration, and one that we at USAID take very seriously.

25-10-2020 12:00

 We are here to celebrate the expansion and strengthening of the bilateral relationship between the United States and the UAE.

24-10-2020 08:30

Today, we are thankful to join Zambia’s Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and Rotary Club International to recognize Zambia’s work toward polio eradication. Most notably, Zambia successfully responded to the recent polio virus type 2 outbreaks in Luapula and Northwestern provinces. I would like to commend the dedication of health workers in these provinces to reach all children who needed the vaccine. The story of Evan Tulumba, a clinical officer with the Kakoma Rural Health Center in North Western Province’s Mwinilunga District, springs to mind as someone who embodies the spirit of Zambia’s health workers during the last polio outbreak response.

22-10-2020 12:00

The Rohingya refugees from whom we just heard convey why we’re all here—we know how important it is to meet the needs of the Rohingya. The Government of Bangladesh has been integral to ensuring the safety and well-being of the Rohingya. I can’t overstate our gratitude. And we are thankful for our decades-long friendship with Bangladesh.

21-10-2020 13:00

The United States will always support the people of Venezuela, and we look forward to celebrating freedom with them when they can finally heal from the nightmare that the Maduro regime has caused. History will judge us by how we act here and now. Which is why, in addition to the humanitarian assistance I’ve already mentioned, we’re also providing $128 million to support civil society, human rights, independent media, and the democratically elected National Assembly.

20-10-2020 12:45

The Abraham Accords will unleash the full potential of millions of people who have previously not been able to share ideas, visit each other, and build a more hopeful world. The participating nations will be able to prosper together through trade and shared innovation. They will work together to advance developments in water engineering, energy, health care, agriculture and infrastructure. And they will pursue together larger opportunities for regional cooperation and stability. Nations once sworn to Israel’s destruction now accept her as a neighbor and as a friend. We at USAID are eager to help Israel and its new diplomatic partners bring the fruits of peace to emerging markets.

20-10-2020 10:00

It is my distinct honor to be here today as we launch the Democracy Strengthening in Zambia project. Voter registration, voter education, free and fair elections are not just top line policies to be pursued. They are also very near and dear to my heart. The United States Government applauds both the UNDP in their undertaking of this effort and the Electoral Commission of Zambia for their commitment to openly work with UNDP and other key stakeholders for the betterment of the country as we approach the general elections in 2021. 

19-10-2020 11:00

Trafficking survivors and the interagency are key partners in the fight against human trafficking, from organized crime in places like Libya and Nigeria, to alleged state-sponsored trafficking in Cuba. That is why we are revising our policy on Countering Trafficking in Persons, or C-TIP, to further bring our key partners into our work. With the revised policy coming in January of 2021, USAID will bring trafficking survivors and State Department colleagues into our technical and selection committees, providing survivors with the opportunity to inform policies and programs that directly affect them.

16-10-2020 13:30

USAID is well-positioned to support and leverage the $75 billion of investment that DFC will catalyze for critical development challenges, including COVID-19 recovery. We establish the architecture for long-term, flourishing investment climates that support economic resilience and enable DFC and private sector investments to thrive. Our programs support local businesses, and we help countries create the conditions for private investment and growth. We strengthen food security among the poorest households, and we broaden economic opportunities for people in their own countries. USAID promotes good governance and accountable institutions as key building blocks for an investment climate that is attractive.


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