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Asia Enhancing Development and Growth through Energy (Asia EDGE) is a U.S. Government initiative to grow sustainable and secure energy markets throughout the Indo-Pacific region.  Spanning the California coast to the western shores of India, Asia EDGE supports partner governments to expand access to energy, promote energy diversification and trade, and strengthen energy security.  To assist this effort, the USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia (RDMA) launched the USAID Southeast Asia EDGE Hub (EDGE Hub) activity to coordinate and enhance the effectiveness of USAID’s energy programs across Southeast Asia.

Effectively managing a large-scale, geographically diverse initiative like Asia EDGE requires careful planning and implementation.  The EDGE Hub follows a demand-driven approach, providing three areas of support to ensure USAID’s bilateral energy programs align with the objectives of the Asia EDGE initiative and the Biden-Harris Administration.


The EDGE Hub assists USAID’s regional energy program activities with market, sectoral and technology assessments; work planning support; event planning and implementation; and facilitating engagement with private sector actors, multilateral institutions, and donors.


The EDGE Hub helps to tell a cohesive story of USAID’s energy programs and climate-change focused initiatives across Southeast Asia by collecting, synthesizing, and amplifying project results.  The EDGE Hub also develops new tools, methods, and platforms to share information and resources with internal and external stakeholders.


The EDGE Hub identifies relevant and replicable metrics to track progress; promotes effective data collection methods to ensure consistent reporting; aggregates lessons learned and best practices; and serves as a repository of the trends, best practices, and impacts of USAID’s energy programs across Southeast Asia.


1. Missions request specific assistance through RDMA*
2. RDMA forwards scope, timeline, LOE, and objectives to the EDGE Hub
3. The EDGE Hub works with Mission and RDMA to deliver the requested support

* More-detailed support is available to Missions through a buy-in process

Last updated: July 20, 2022

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