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During the discussion chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Hambardzum Matevosyan, the "Roadmap for Investment Reform in Armenia" developed by USAID experts was presented today.

The meeting was also attended by USAID Armenia Mission Director Rebecca White, Deputy Minister of Economy Ani Ispiryan, Director of the Investment Support Center (Enterprise Armenia) Levon Ohannesyan and others.

Deputy Prime Minister Matevosyan welcomed everyone in the sidelines of the discussion of such an important issue for the Armenian Government, emphasizing that creating business and investment-friendly environment plays a key role in Armenia's commitment to building an inclusive, knowledge-based, export-oriented economy.

"Therefore, we are carrying out continuous work not only to make our policies and regulatory environment more business-friendly, but also to establish institutional arrangements that promote and facilitate investments”, the Deputy PM said, highly assessing the recent years’ cooperation with the USAID and its efforts to assist the mentioned process.

The Deputy Prime Minister's speech was followed by the presentation of the Roadmap, during which the USAID representatives spoke about investment policy, investment promotion and facilitation, as well as investment privileges and the institutional structure of investments.

Roadmap for Investment Reform in Armenia Rebecca White Hambardzum Matevosyan Ani Ispiryan Levon Ohannesyan
USAID Meets with DPM Matevosyan and Government Officials
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