USAID helped install energy-efficient street lighting in remote village of Armenia.
The new street-lighting system will benefit over 2,200 residents and will allow the remote village to save up to $2,500 annually on energy and maintenance costs.
USAID Clean Energy and Water Program

For Immediate Release

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Darbas, Syunik – On February 20, the USAID Clean Energy and Water Program (CEWP) supported a community workshop in Syunik’s Darbas village to mark the successful completion of the energy efficient street-lighting project and present the results to other communities and organizations in the region. One of the major objectives of the event was to promote the replication of small-scale energy efficiency projects by communities and organizations by focusing on the financial benefits that energy saving technologies generate for users.

The event brought together representatives of USAID, CEWP, World Vision, and Peace Corps, as well as local mayors, public and private organizations from neighboring communities. In his remarks, Mayor of Darbas Mayis Mirzoyan said that in the last two years, thanks to the assistance of USAID and World Vision, the community managed to address some of the most critical infrastructure and socio-economic issues of their community, such as a heating system for the local polyclinic and street-lighting. Head of the USAID/Armenia Program Office Richard Byess thanked all the partners for the productive collaboration that has benefited over 2,200 residents of this remote village.

The modernization and improvement of the street-lighting system in Darbas was implemented by the USAID CEWP in partnership with World Vision Armenia and the municipality of Darbas. In place of conventional lighting systems, CEWP installed energy efficient LED lamps, which consume less electricity and are significantly less expensive to operate over a longer life-span. The new street-lighting system will allow the community to save up to 2,500 US dollars annually on energy and maintenance costs.

The USAID Clean Energy and Water Program is designed to improve water and energy management practices in Armenia as well as help the country better respond to climate change challenges. The program implements a number of water and energy projects in several rural communities in Armenia to demonstrate best practices in the management of energy and water systems. These projects focus on water supply, efficient lighting, space and water heating, use of biogas, and solar energy.

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