Armenia Joins the World Map of Wine Routes: Installation of Wine Route Signage Along Vayots Dzor Region

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Monday, November 30, 2020
My Armenia Sign to Trinity Canyon Vineyards
My Armenia Sign to Trinity Canyon Vineyards

Armenia’s ancient wine-making tradition is at last on the map.  The central region of Vayots Dzor in Armenia has long been home to vineyards, traditional cuisine, and rich culture.  With the help of USAID/Armenia’s My Armenia program, the Vayots Dzor Wine Route no longer requires visitors to pore over maps or search from town to town: the tourist attraction is now marked clearly with prominent road signs along the M10 highway and throughout the region. 

In 2018, My Armenia program began working with six wineries, Areni Wine Factory, Getnatoun Winery, Hin Areni Winery, Old Bridge Winery, Trinity Canyon Vineyards, and Momik Winery to create the Vayots Dzor Wine Route.  With quality wineries, food, cultural activities, and a wide range of lodging, the Wine Route is all about promoting Armenia’s rich wine-making tradition and history. 

My Armenia supported the Wine Route, and the participating vineyards, to formalize the tourism experience for visitors.  Together, the project and the wineries developed the Wine Route branding, a website and detailed maps of the region.  By helping the wineries develop wine tasting experiences, tours of their cellars and vineyards, and combining gastronomy into a visitor’s experience, My Armenia has helped the Wine Route augment its offerings to visitors and, in turn, attract more clientele.

Following successful collaboration with the Government of Armenia, My Armenia has successfully coordinated the installation of 20 road signs along the Wine Route to identify and direct travelers to the wineries.  With the installation of these signs, the Vayots Dzor Wine Route is further elevated, publicized, and accessible to visitors. 

The Vayots Dzor Wine Route website, along with other targeted marketing products are helping to publicize Armenia’s unique, ancient, and delicious wine-making craft.  With the new road signs marking the way, Armenia’s vineyards are now more accessible than ever. My Armenia, along with the local communities throughout Vayots Dzor, look forward to welcoming  new visitors to the region to provide memorable experiences and boost local economic opportunities while sharing their ancient traditions, tastes, and cultures. 

My Armenia Vayots Dzor Wine Route
My Armenia Vayots Dzor Wine Route
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Last updated: November 30, 2020

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