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Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

USAID partners with the Government of Armenia, civil society, and the media sector to promote more transparent and participatory governance that is responsive to citizens. Activities support the implementation of a range of stated reform goals of the government that will lead to more effective and transparent governance, reduced corruption, and improved protection of human rights. Along with several other donors, USAID is supporting the Armenian government’s ambitious territorial and administrative reform, which aims to improve the quality of local governance and service delivery; increase citizen participation in democratic processes; devolve administrative authority; and spur domestic resource mobilization. 

USAID also supports civil society and media efforts to promote the constructive engagement of citizens in all areas of democratic life, including in the fight against corruption, and the strengthening of election processes. USAID promotes efforts to increase citizen access to reliable sources of information, while educating citizens to become savvy media consumers who expect high quality reporting. Activities also help consolidate the efforts of the human rights community to build additional institutional guarantees for stronger human rights protection in Armenia.



Local Governance Reform Activity

Partner: Territorial Development Fund of Armenia  | Active:  August 2015-August 2020

Provides assistance to the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure to implement the Territorial and Administrative Reform of Armenia and strengthen local governance through improved service delivery to constituents and provides matching grants for community development in 13 consolidated clusters.

Civic Engagement in Local Governance (CELoG)

Partner:  Communities Finance Officers Association  | Active:  September 2014-August 2020

Mobilizes citizens around targeted reform areas, including Territorial and Administrative Reform and improved local governance.

Armenia Support Initiative

Partner: Management Systems International (MSI) | Active:  August 2019-September 2020

Partners with the government and civil society to support the Armenian government’s reform agenda at the national and local levels and mobilizes citizens in support of social projects. 


Media for Informed Civic Engagement

Partner:  Media Initiatives Center  |  Active: September 2014-September 2021

Improves citizens’ access to independent and reliable sources of information. This media-for-development approach focuses on priority reform areas and strengthens the media’s capacity to be independent and meet professional industry standards.


Strengthening Electoral Processes and Political Accountability (SEPPA)

Partner:  Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening - International Foundation of Election Systems (IFES), National Democratic Institute (NDI) & International Republican Institute (IRI)  |  Active:  September 2018-September 2022

Leverages the political will and energy created by the government transition in Armenia to build government capacity to respond to strategic priorities, improve election administration and oversight, and strengthen institutions of political accountability for inclusive political competition.


Promoting Transparency and Accountability through Advanced Civil Society Participation/ Engaged Citizenry for Responsible Governance

Partner:  Transparency International Anticorruption Center  |  Active: November 2014-May 2021

Supports locally led civil society consortia to mobilize citizens around the targeted reform areas of anti-corruption and improved transparency and accountability.

Support for the Sustainability of the Center for Development of Legislation and Legal Studies

Partner: Ministry of Justice |  Active: September 2019-March 2021

Supports the Ministry of Justice to enhance its institutional capacity and expertise in legislative drafting, review, and analysis through the establishment of the Center for Development of Legislation and Legal Studies.

Investment Support Program

Partner: Dalberg Consulting  |  Active: June 2019-March 2020

Supports the Government of Armenia’s democratic reform agenda through the provision of technical assistance to the Ministry of Justice on capacity building, strategic planning, and coordination with the newly established Corruption Prevention Commission.


Promoting the Human Rights of LGBTI People in Armenia

Partner: Public Information and Need of Knowledge (PINK) NGO  |  Active: September 2019-September 2022

Advances human rights of LGBTI people and protects them from violence and discrimination, specifically focused on strengthening data collection and research, conducting behavior change communications, promoting legal inclusiveness, and providing emergency assistance in cases of violence.




Civil Society Organizations Development Program (CSO DePo)

Partner:  Eurasia Partnership Foundation  |  Active: June 2014-June 2019  |  http://www.hkdepo.am/en

The project worked to develop the capacities of Armenian civil society organizations to become more business-oriented as well as sustainable service providers. CSO DePo also expanded the pool of professional and organizationally strong local partners in the country.  


Promoting the Human Rights of LGBTI People in Armenia

Partner:  Public Information and Need of Knowledge NGO  |  Active: September 2016-March 2019

The project aimed to combat and reduce discrimination in policies, laws, and societal norms against LGBTI people in the country.

Advancing Human Rights for All in Armenia

Partner:  ABA/ROLI  |  Active: September 2017-November 2019

The project helped improve the institutional capacity of the Office of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia in target areas, including persons with disabilities, women’s rights, socio-economic rights, and domestic violence prevention. The project also promoted and enforces human rights protection policy, and strengthens the capacity of the human rights protection community to effectively monitor, prevent, and report human rights abuses.


Establishment of the Center for Development of Legislation and Legal Studies

Partner:  Ministry of Justice  |  Active:  September 2016-September 2019

This Government to Government (G2G) activity supported Armenia's Ministry of Justice to enhance its institutional capacity and expertise in legislative drafting, review, and analysis through establishment of the Center for Development of Legislation and Legal Studies.

Digitalization of Court Materials and Introduction of Electronic Court Filing in the Republic of Armenia

Partner:  Ministry of Justice  |  Active:  April 2017-April 2019

This Government to Government (G2G) activity helped increase the transparency and efficiency of the Ministry of Justice of Armenia through the use of the Court Automatic System Tool. The activity also improved the accessibility of public services for information users through digitizing case management data.

Support to the Audit Chamber

Partner:  Audit Chamber of the Republic of Armenia  |  Active:  February 2019-August 2019

Under a Memorandum of Understanding between USAID and the Audit Chamber, USAID worked to strengthen the audit function of the Chamber and support its reforms in accordance with the Republic of Armenia “Law on the Audit Chamber” that was adopted in January 2018. 

Last updated: March 17, 2020

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