Draft Guide on Dekleptification

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As referenced in Administrator Power’s June 7, 2022 speech, USAID is creating a new dekleptification guide—a handbook to help partner countries that aim to dismantle kleptocratic structures in transition periods when political will for reform is very high. This guide is drawn from previous democratic openings in Ukraine, Romania, Malaysia, Moldova, Georgia, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, and elsewhere. It captures innovations and lessons learned by front-line reformers on how to root out corruption and implement strong transparency and accountability measures in historic windows of opportunity, making such reforms harder to reverse.

The guide was drafted throughout this year by a USAID task team chaired by the Anti-Corruption Task Force and composed of representatives from 30 Missions, Bureaus, and independent offices. The audience includes other current and future USAID colleagues, as well as the broader communities of implementing partners, scholars, practitioners, donors, and other experts focused on the areas of development aid, rapid response, and counter kleptocracy—illustrating for the first time how these fields overlap.

USAID has begun external consultations to solicit feedback on this draft guide, which is available for comment from June 24, 2022 to July 8, 2022. You may view the draft at this link.

USAID asks that you utilize this submission form for commentary on this new draft guide:

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Last updated: June 24, 2022

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