Working Together to Achieve Common Goals: Banco de Fomento Angola Supports PMI Efforts in Angola

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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
PSI and BFA board signing a partnership agreement
PSI Angola

In October, 2021, USAID’s partner, PSI Angola, signed an agreement with one of Angola’s leading private banks, Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA).  The agreement is in keeping with USAID’s practice of partnering with the private sector to achieve common goals.  In this case, BFA is contributing 30 million kwanzas (approximately 50,000 USD) to the U S President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) bed net campaign, which is implemented by PSI under the USAID-funded Health for All (HFA) project.  Through HFA, USAID supports the National Malaria Control Programme within the Ministry of Health to implement a mass distribution of nets in the provinces with the highest malaria incidents rates - Cuanza Norte, Malanje, Uíge, Lunda Sul, Lunda Norte and Zaire.  The financing from BFA will assist in funding community activists, who are vital in implementing the distribution process.  

This is a second time BFA has supported PMI activities.  In 2018, BFA supported the bed net distribution campaign in Lunda Norte through a contribution of 5.2 million kwanzas (approximately $8,700 in today’s kwanzas).  Luis Roberto Gonçalves, BFA CEO, said during this most recent partnership, "This contribution serves to improve health outcomes.  We are highly committed in supporting actions that promote wellbeing in our communities, believing that if we are closer to them, we can minimize their struggles and bring a legacy for the future generations.”  

PSI, through HFA, has a strong history of partnering with the private sector.  The partnership with the Angolan cell phone giant, UNITEL, has resulted in thousands of Angolan health workers improving their ability to diagnose and treat malaria thanks to the free internet access UNITEL offers for USAID’s Kassai online training platform.  Partnering with PrinceFarma has meant reduced costs for storing important medical commodities and donations of family planning and malaria treatment products.  Collaborations with Movicel and Multichoice have helped educate Angolans on the importance of COVID vaccinations and the partnership with Friburges and Angoalissar resulted in donations of much needed contraceptives at health facilities. 

With a total funding from USAID of $63 million over five years, HFA provides technical assistance to improve the ability of health facilities to provide services for malaria, reproductive and family health, and COVID-19.  HFA works in collaboration with the Government of Angola Ministry of Health’s National Directorate of Public Health, National Malaria Control Program, and the Primary Health Care Department as part of the Government of Angola’s goal to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of health services provided. 

Last updated: September 22, 2022

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