Global VAX (COVID-19) Assistance to Angola

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The United States Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), has provided over 31.4 million in assistance to Angola to combat the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020.



The program supports the Government of Angola (GRA) in implementing internationally established prevention, control, and response measures to protect Angolans from COVID-19.

  • USAID is supporting the deployment of over 100 mobile vaccination teams in 14 provinces of Angola. These teams are taking the vaccination services closer to the population.
  • USAID works with the Ministry of Health to operationalize the National Deployment and Vaccination Plan (NDVP) through Micro planning at the provincial level. USAID also supports mobile vaccination campaigns in (14) provinces: Cunene, Huila, Cuanza Sul, Cuanza Norte, Malanje, Uige, Zaire, Huambo, Lunda Sul, Lunda Norte, Bengo, Bie, Cuando Cubango, and Luanda.
  • USAID aims to improve health authorities’ ability to successfully store and distribute all approved vaccines by installing and programming ultra cold chain freezers across eight provinces
  • USAID enhances the Ministry of Health’s outreach through a communication campaign to increase demand for vaccination, by developing TV and radio spots, distributing information flyers, and promoting COVID 19 prevention and vaccination adherence. Messages also target women with fertility concerns, and inform community leaders to eliminate COVID 19 myths and misconceptions in their communities.


In 2021 U.S. President Joe Biden committed $4 billion to the COVAX initiative, to boost distribution and contribute to the global goal of vaccinating 70% of the population in more than 100 low and middle income countries against COVID 19. Through this funding, the United States has pledged to contribute more than 1.2 billion safe and effective vaccine doses to countries in need, making it the most generous donor to COVAX.

  • The United States Government is the largest COVID vaccine donor to Angola, donating over 9,5 million doses of Pfizer and J&J through COVAX
  • By July 11th, 2022, more than 7.2 million people have been vaccinated with Pfizer vaccines in all 18 provinces of Angola
  • More than 2.3 million people were reached during USG supported social media campaigns for COVID-19 vaccination

Last updated: July 26, 2022

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