Communities in Action for Peace & Inclusion

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Duration: July 2021 – June 2024
Total Funding: $1 million


USAID’s Communities in Action for Peace and Inclusion (CAPI) project aims to enhance peacebuilding and conflict resolution skills among youth and adults in Benguela, allowing them to be more engaged citizens. The CAPI project works with high-risk populations to build trust, solidarity, and reconciliation through community engagement.  

Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo (ADPP), an Angolan NGO, developed a peer-to-peer program for Benguela province that engages youth and children who are vulnerable and marginalized in their communities; many victims of political violence. ADPP incorporates these young people into youth clubs where they are provided with peacebuilding and conflict resolution training, literacy skills, and assistance in obtaining birth registration and identification (ID) cards, which allow them to vote among other civic prerogatives. The CAPI project also engages with adults from diverse political backgrounds, to address shared interests which promote more peaceful and inclusive communities.


  • Provide literacy skills among marginalized youth and children
  • Establish Community Action Groups to implement community-driven development micro projects
  • Train local leaders in conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and leadership
  • Engage communities of diverse political backgrounds in micro projects to help relieve economic and other hardships that help create conditions for instability in Benguela
  • Increase community-government dialogue to build and enhance relationships
  • Empower women as peacebuilders to act as conflict resolution leaders in the most unstable communities
  • Train youth in peacebuilding skills and conflict resolution


  • Almost 60,000 youth and children with improved conflict resolution skills
  • 15,000 youth acquire birth certificates and/or national ID cards
  • 30,000 children participate in school-based peace education
  • 27.750 youth receive peace/conflict education training/information via Youth Clubs
  • 17,500 youth register to vote
  • Up to 6,000 youth participate in accelerated learning
  • 6,000 community members with improved conflict resolution skills
  • 6,000 people in 45 communities join conflict resolution Actions
  • 45 communities implementing actions to resolve land disputes
  • 45 communities benefit from micro project broadcasts on peacebuilding and conflict resolution
  • Train local leaders from 45 communities in conflict resolution actions
  • 400 local government officials trained on conflict management and actively engaged in community and government dialogue forums
  • 100,000 people reached by a dedicated radio show broadcast about conflict resolution

Last updated: November 03, 2022

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