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October 8, 2015

TIRANA, OCTOBER 8, 2015 - The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden in Albania, is seeking concept papers to implement activities to promote sustainable tourism in Albania. The purpose of the activities is to contribute to improvements in Albania’s tourism sector, including improvements to the country’s business enabling environment and workforce capacities, to serve as catalysts for job creation and economic growth.

USAID installed digital audio recording equipment in all 38 courts in Albania
September 18, 2015

TIRANA, SEPTEMBER 18, 2015 - Today, representatives from Albania’s justice sector were invited to a presentation of the results of USAID’s five year project that worked with courts, civil society organizations, media and legal education institutions to improve the rule of law and justice sector in Albania. U.S.

Judge using digital audio recording system
July 14, 2015

TIRANA, JULY 14, 2015 - Today, USAID, the Ministry of Justice, and the High Council of Justice inaugurated the Central Archive, to store digital audio recordings of court sessions held in every courtroom in Albania. The Central Archive offers high levels of data security and the ability to access audio recordings remotely by authorized uses, such as judicial inspectors.  U.S. Ambassador Donald Lu, Minister of Justice, Nasip Naço, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Xhezair Zaganjori, delivered remarks at the ceremony.

Officials sign partnership agreement
June 24, 2015

TIRANA, 24 JUNE 2015 - Today, at the premises of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI), a joint ceremony was held to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between USAID, MTI, and the Albanian Water Supply and Sewerage Association (SHUKALB) expressing their joint efforts to establish a Test-Based Certification Program (hereafter referenced as “Certification Program”) for operational managers in the water supply and wastewater sector of Albania.  The MOU was signed by Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mr.

Municipality of Saranda website
May 9, 2015

SARANDE, MAY 9, 2015 - The Mayor of Saranda, Stefan Çipa, and USAID’s Country Representative, Marcus Johnson, launched today the new computerized tax system and the new municipality E-service portal. The systems were developed through USAID’s Planning and Local Governance Project in Albania (PLGP).


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