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Transforming Lives

Beneficiaries in a training session.

Two-wheel tractors are changing the landscape for Afghan farmers in more ways than one. They're changing the types of crops farmers grow, the cost to grow them, and the amount of income from crop sales and agricultural services.

Mariam Safi joined the Tetra Tech AESP staff after completing its Afghan Women Internship Program in 2013.

Internships are providing women engineering students in Afghanistan with the experience they need to compete for jobs in a profession dominated by men.

Students enjoy sandwiches prepared by Meena.

In southern Afghanistan, years of war and insecurity have widowed many women. Without a male head of household, women are not able to leave the home to access economic opportunities.

Haji Hossein at his jewelry shop in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Haji Hossein Payman established the Etimad Tailoring Co. and retail store in 2009, which produces suits, jeans, T-shirts and women’s dresses. He uses the best brands and highest quality products to win business and compete with foreign products available in the Afghanistan market.

USAID funds training programs in support services for private hospitals and clinics to Afghan private sector employees.

The training had a dramatic impact on Abbasi and her work. With three years of experience working at the hospital, she not only had her salary raised, but the program improved her work environment.


Last updated: January 04, 2018

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