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“I am grateful to the municipality for this garbage bin. It keeps the flies away and brings more customers my way. It’s my lucky

Every morning, Haji Abdulrahim sets up his hand-operated juicer machine at his usual spot on a street corner in Lashkar Gah, the capital of Hilmand Province. With a broad smile on his bearded face, he sells fresh juice to shopkeepers and buyers in the neighborhood. Today, sitting next to his plastic chair and fruit rack is a big blue garbage bin – a gift from the municipality that he says brings him good luck.

Season Honey Company displays its wares in a local trade fair.

Raw honey production is common in Afghanistan’s eastern region because weather in the region soothes honeybees and beekeeping. In addition, beekeeping does not require high-tech equipment or skills and is easy to do using traditional methods. However, most of the raw honey produced in Afghanistan is exported to Pakistan due to non-existence of processing and packaging firms in the region. The honey is processed, labeled as made in Pakistan, and re-exported at a higher cost to Afghanistan.

Mursal Shirzad, a fourth year law student at Kabul University, presents oral argument during the Phillip C. Jessup International

Mursal Shirzad, an 18-year old law student at the Kabul University’s Faculty of Shari’a, and four of her classmates embarked on a journey to compete in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition held in Washington, D.C. Like many other things in her life, earning the coveted right to represent Afghanistan at a prestigious international competition did not come easy.

Project teams rebuilding a section of the Joyee Kamil canal. Periodic ramps and stairs are built along the edge of the canal in

Improved access means more water for livestock and better fodder quality for 1,750 households. As livestock health improves, families will return to raising cattle and sheep, generating critical income while revitalizing a traditional industry in Ghazni Province.

Gurbaz Comprehensive Health Center in Khost Province.

USAID is working with the Ministry of Public Health to combat maternal mortality and support sustained improvements in maternal, newborn, and child health outcomes by enhancing the role of health workers and midwives in rural communities.


Last updated: October 24, 2016

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