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Transforming Lives

International dealer Fritz Langauer provides feedback on the quality and design of an Afghan carpet-maker’s wares

Mohammad Asef Hamraz has a carpet-weaving company in the Afghan capital of Kabul, but, until recently, he was unaware of what customers in different parts of the world might want to buy.

Najeba Karimi, an Afghan woman, takes a leadership role in the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock.

With a largely agricultural economy, Afghanistan is working to build up its institutions to better support the sector and the nation's food security. In the process, women are finding new opportunities to develop professional skills and career paths.

Hameda and women like her were denied computer literacy because of decades of war and six years of Taliban rule

Until recently, Hameda* had a computer in her office but couldn’t use it. The head teacher of the Goharshad Begum girls’ school in Herat, western Afghanistan, didn’t know how. When her students told her she could learn for free at the Anaar Multimedia Center, the 36-year-old jumped at the chance.

Workers at a bakery that participated in food safety training take pride in their sanitary surroundings and their new uniform

Amanullah Khanzada was unaware that his Afghan confectionary company needed to improve safety practices until a training program emphasized international hygiene standards.

Safdar Ali at the Anaar Multimedia Center

It was pure chance that Safdar Ali saw a poster advertising multimedia and social media courses that would propel him into taking a more active role in bettering his community.


Last updated: September 06, 2016

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