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Najila Danishjo wants to return to her village to help and empower women.

Najila Danishjo is only 20 years old but is fully committed to helping the women of her country. The young teacher has fought furiously to arrive at where she is now: a trainee in the USAID Promote Women’s Leadership Development (WLD) ‘Royesh’ pre-service delivery program.

Afghan businessmen and government officials cut a ribbon on Sept 28 in Kabul, officially launching a single entity for business registration in Afghanistan.

Companies ranging from business startups to corporate heavyweights are driving economic growth and creating jobs in Afghanistan, but obtaining a business license in the country has been a lengthy and costly process, frustrating even determined investors.

Jawzjan National TV Interviews local farmers and agricultural extension workers about USAID supported demonstration of the potential in potatoes

Potatoes are Afghanistan’s third most consumed crop, and about 50 percent of the potatoes are imported from Pakistan. The potatoes are grown primarily in the highlands, which excludes the province of Jawzjan. Farmers in Jawzjan are interested in growing potatoes, but they’re unwilling to experiment, in part because of their belief that potatoes need a lot of water, something in short supply in Jawzjan, where average annual rainfall is only 230 mm.

A civil servant in Herat agriculture office signing out at the end of working day

The USAID Capacity Building and Change Management Program II (CBCMP-II) found a solution to improve MAIL human resources management and work place discipline.

Suhaila designing a website

In April, Suhaila joined twelve other young women as an intern working with a tech company in Herat. The six-month internship gave Suhaila the opportunity to build her confidence and to put the theory she had learnt at university into practice, designing websites, developing databases, and coding computer programs for the Department of Women Affairs. After completing her internship, Shaila decided to start her own company.


Last updated: January 04, 2018

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