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Transforming Lives

Mahsuma Sultani is running a factory in Mazar-e-Sharef.

“The dream I have for my future, is to run my own fashion production company, where we create our own clothing designs,” twenty-two-year-old Mahsuma Sultani Jawana graduate said.

The project provided solar panel to 220 girls’ schools.

Under the USAID Strengthening Education in Afghanistan Phase II project, 220 girls schools across Afghanistan have been equipped with solar panel technology to help provide electricity to enable better teaching and learning – including the Abubakar Sidiq Girls High School.

Abdul Khaliq tests the electric hand provided by USAID

Abdul Khaliq, 27, lives in a small house with his family in Laghman province. Khaliq is a double amputee; however, unlike most of the estimated 43,528 amputees in Afghanistan, he is able to grasp objects and perform routine daily tasks through the use of an electric hand provided to him through USAID’s Afghan Civilian Assistance Program (ACAP III).

Abozar and his sister Maliha weave their future in Kabul.

A 22 years old, Abozar Mesbah was faced with the responsibility of providing for his entire family including a brother, six sisters, his parents, and grandparents. The Afghan family had left their home for Pakistan during the most dangerous days of faction infighting in Kabul and were struggling to get back on their feet after their recent return to the capital.

CBCMP-II Badakhshan Team Leader and Mr. Hakim standing next to solar panels installed in Argo District Agriculture office

Until recently, Shamsudin and other farmers in Argo district received little support from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Agriculture, and were forced to deal with the challenges of farming on their own. “Nobody from the Ministry of Agriculture visited me for two years, nor did I receive any assistance,” Shamsudin said.


Last updated: October 24, 2016

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