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The Insurance Company of Afghanistan’s web portal, www.icaaf.com.

Insurance firms are essential to economic growth because they facilitate investment and reduce the risk of doing business.  Through USAID assistance, a major internationally recognized and underwritten insurance company is now operating in Afghanistan.  The opening of the Insurance Company of Afghanistan (ICA) in early 2008 marked a significant achievement for Afghanistan’s private sector, encouraging both domestic and international investment in Afghanistan while serving tens of thousands of Afghan businesses.

In the OMAID Bahar juice factory, a worker shows how pomegranates are turned into juice concentrate.

Afghanistan’s pomegranate juice is renowned for its flavor within the country, but its benefits have largely been unavailable in other countries.  That changed on November 21, when Omaid Bahar Processing Company, a modern juice processing facility established with the support of USAID, secured its first export deal.  The deal marks the first export of any kind of Afghan juice to an international buyer.

Afghan students now have the opportunity to learn using computers and the Internet thanks to USAID, the One Laptop per Child Fou

Each morning, Hamida, an eleven-year-old student in Kabul, packs her schoolbag.  Alongside her pens and books, she carries a bright green-and-white laptop.  “It’s like a friend and teacher to me,” she says.  “I can look and try to solve questions and spend my time learning.”

Ali Jan’s fish farm holds 2,500 fish and provides him with an income of $200 per month. All of his school-aged children are now

Ali Jan lives in Mendrawol village in Laghman province, along a road being constructed by USAID.  With new roads come community outreach and development projects.  In addition to providing better access to schools, clinics, and markets, USAID ensures that its roads projects include development initiatives requested by local communities. 

Ghazni PRT Commander Lt. Colonel Wilson Marks and National Disabled Association Director Fazel Haq Sadat Mosa hand a new set of

After 30 years of war, many Afghans have been left disabled and unable to find work.  To help them become productive members of society, USAID and the Ghazni Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) are working with local NGOs to provide vocational training.  With specialized training designed to meet their needs and abilities, disabled men and women are now equipped with job skills that enable them to earn a living and support their families.


Last updated: October 11, 2017

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