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Transforming Lives

Excited children mill around the Badghis Ice Production Factory the day it opened

Summer temperatures can soar to 109 F in Qala-i-Naw, capital of Afghanistan’s northwestern province of Badghis. The power supply is erratic and most households don’t have refrigerators, which can be a problem—as well as a business opportunity.

Homayon Rawoofi, senior loan officer of Shelter for Life in Takhar province, enters loans in the tracker system.

Shelter for Life is a microfinance institution in Kabul that provides loans to businesses. But it found it hard to track loans. Its loan officers in different cities did not have a centralized database to consult. They did not have access to accurate and timely information and could not take note of delinquency or manage defaults.

A snapshot of Rohullah Arman’s first data journalism story.

When journalist Rohullah Arman completed his investigation of opium cultivation in Afghanistan, he set a new bar. He was using numerical data to produce the report, a process unusual in Afghanistan, where reliable statistics are hard to come by.

A mobile phone repair course conducted by the Afghan Mobile Reconstruction Association

In an effort to tackle high unemployment as well as a lack of trained workers, Afghan companies are getting help matching up workforce needs with skilled employees.

International dealer Fritz Langauer provides feedback on the quality and design of an Afghan carpet-maker’s wares

Mohammad Asef Hamraz has a carpet-weaving company in the Afghan capital of Kabul, but, until recently, he was unaware of what customers in different parts of the world might want to buy.


Last updated: October 24, 2016

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