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Transforming Lives

Selsela discusses a work issue with Ali Saadat, president of Zohal Consultancy

In 13 years, Afghanistan has gone from just one national broadcaster to more than 30 terrestrial TV stations in Kabul alone. The booming media sector is a good indicator of business growth in the country.

The metamorphosis of Gift Food’s pickled garlic right through to the final product with its bright label

Gift Food Production Co., which had made pickles for years, wanted to expand. With USAID’s help, it identified a gap in the local market through an April 2013 survey that revealed a demand for pickled garlic. Unfortunately, this was something the company didn’t know how to make

Global Auto Gas’s newly opened fuel station and conversion workshop in Kabul

In late 2014, two liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) vehicle conversion centers and gas stations opened in the Afghan capital of Kabul, offering budget-conscious motorists a way to run their cars on affordable, eco-friendly fuel.

Masuma working out at her Alzahra Fitness Sports Club

Sports and fitness buff Masuma Hossaini is determined to educate fellow Afghan women and girls on the health benefits of staying fit through exercising, and to provide a safe environment where they can work out.

Hafasa (left) is transferring electronic top up credits to one of her customers from her home-based business.

Hafasa Aubi, an Afghan economics graduate, is defying the country's trend of women’s unemployment. Working as an mHawala (mobile money) agent for Etisalat, a telecommunications company, Aubi is paving the way for other women seeking employment. As an electronic payment system, mHawala allows Afghans to pay utility bills and transfer cash by cell phone.


Last updated: September 06, 2016

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