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Transforming Lives

Sana-ul-Haq, 8, attends a community-based school in Surkh-Rod district, south of Jalalabad, Nangarhar province, Afghanistan

It was pitch black outside when Sana-ul-Haq began his work day at 3.00 am. Most of the village was still sound asleep as he got dressed and headed over to the nearby brick kiln, where he worked with his father and siblings.

Matiullah, a mechanic in western Kandahar

Matiullah, who lives in western Kandahar, started his life with what many deem a severe strike against any chance of success: a congenitally disabled left leg. Matiullah’s youth was dogged by poverty at a very young age, he began working in the poppy fields as lancer to help his family earn enough to survive. The money he earned was never enough but he had no other choice because of his leg.

Roya with two of her nine children at her bakery in downtown Kabul

Roya, a 40-year-old mother of nine, is the sole provider for her children. She works throughout the day to bake the distinctive Afghan flatbread known as naan in a windowless room. Her face is swaddled in a covering both white with flour and dark with soot.

Fereshta Faizi in her office at the Directorate of Women’s Affairs in Herat Province. Fereshta is one of 25 women placed in vari

Graduating from college didn’t immediately pry open job opportunities for 21 year old Fereshta Faizi.

Zakia Roshan, operations manager at Mazatoo Food Production

Most Afghans enjoy candy with their tea every day. The market for candy is strong.


Last updated: July 26, 2016

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