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“Young Afghans are the future of their country" - USAID Afghanistan Mission Director Bill Hammink
“Young Afghans are the future of their country, and our aim is for the young women who participate in this program to be the future leaders of all sectors of Afghan society.” - USAID Afghanistan Mission Director Bill Hammink

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced the award of the largest women’s empowerment program in the Agency’s history, aimed at advancing opportunities for Afghan women who can become political, private sector, and civil society leaders. Building upon existing and previous programs for women and girls, Promote is a five-year program targeting the education, promotion, and training of a new generation of Afghan women, aged 18-30. With the goal of increasing women’s contributions to Afghanistan’s development, Promote strengthens women’s rights groups, boosts female participation in the economy, increases the number of women in decision making positions within the Afghan government, and helps women gain business and management skills.

Promote reaffirms the U.S. government’s long-term support for Afghan women and girls. “Enormous progress has been made in advancing opportunities for women and girls in Afghanistan over the past 11 years,” Administrator Rajiv Shah emphasized, “While there are challenges ahead, Promote underscores our commitment to ensuring that women and girls play a major role in determining Afghanistan's political and economic future.”

USAID’s commitment to Afghan women will also include the creation of an institute for gender and development studies and an international scholarship program for Afghan women pursuing careers in highly technical professions.

Interested media should review the Promote press release here or contact the USAID Press Office at USAIDPressOfficers@usaid.gov.

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Women’s Leadership Development (WLD) Program

There will opportunities for 25,000 educated women aged between 18 and 30 to take part in this personal development and leadership mentoring program as follows:

(a)    18,000 women aged 18 to 30 who have at least completed high school.

(b)   7,000 girls and women aged 15 to 24 who have completed primary level education.

Timeline: The six-month leadership development program will operate in cycles from mid-2015 to the end 2018.  Selection of participants for the first program will commence in mid-2015 and selection for subsequent programs will continue through mid-2018.  For more information, please contact WLD at:   Application.promote-wld.com; info@promote-wld.com

Women in Government Program

There will be opportunities for 3,000 university graduated women aged between 21 and 30, who are interested in participating in receiving internships with various governmental organizations, at national and local levels, with the goal of obtaining permanent employment positions in the Afghan civil service. 

Timeline: Recruitment of participants is expected to commence during autumn of 2015.  For more information, please contact WIG at:  internship@promotewig.com

Women’s Rights Groups and Coalitions (Musharikat) Program

Musharikat activities is being implemented countrywide. One to two women’s rights focused organizations in each of the 34 provinces will participate.  Through the efforts of these organizations, a minimum of 5,000 activists will be welcome to participate in gender-related issue-based coalitions.  These groups and activists will identify major priorities to advance women’s rights through and beyond the transformation decade.

Timeline:  Promote Musharikat Invites Expression of Interest for Partner Civil Society Organizations and Activists.  Please follow this link.

Afghan Women in the Economy (WIE) Program

The primary objective of AWLE is to help Afghan women increase their leadership in the economy. AWLE will help educated women secure employment with advancement potential and improve the viability and income growth of women-owned businesses.

Timeline: Participants will be recruited at the end of 2015/early-2016 and activities will commence in early 2016.  Contact information for AWLE will be available in several weeks.

Scholarship Fund for Afghan Women

The program will support women to undertake undergraduate and post-graduate study at universities in Afghanistan, the region, and internationally which are accredited or endorsed by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Timeline: Details on how to apply will be publicized by the implementing partner and USAID once the contract is awarded (mid to late 2015).


Women’s Leadership Development (WLD) Program

Non-government organizations, civil society organizations, education institutions and mentors will be recruited to implement and support the Leadership Development Program.

Timeline: It is expected that advertisements for these posts will be issued by the implementing partner for WLD in mid-2015 and as needed after that.  For more information, please contact WLD at:  info@promote-wld.com

Women’s Rights Groups and Coalitions (Musharikat) Program

It is expected that funds will be available as awards to selected organizations to support the selected contractor in carrying out the work of the program.  Details on how to apply will be publicized after the implementing partner is selected in mid-2015.

Afghan Women in the Economy (WIE) Program

AWLE will issue grants to local organizations, which will be responsible for:  1) determining local labor market needs through research and consultations with potential employers; 2) developing and adapting curricula in consultation with the private sector which responds directly to labor market needs; 3) delivering training; and 4) providing job placement services for participants.  AWLE will disburse funds to grantees based on performance across these four factors. Contact information for AWLE sub-awardees will be available in several weeks.

Scholarship Fund for Afghan Women

Information on possible opportunities for sub-awardees will be provided after the selection of the implementing partner has been made in mid-2015.

Afghan Government

Women in Government Program

Mentors with the Afghan Civil Service will be recruited from current Afghan Government tashkeel staff to support interns taking part in the program.  These mentors will receive career enhancement opportunities to take part in the program.  Timeline: For details on how and when to apply to be a mentor, please contact WIG at: internship@promotewig.com


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Last updated: September 15, 2016

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