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The USAID Women in Government Internship Program supports the Afghan Government’s National Development Strategy goal to increase
April 21, 2013
HERAT, AFGHANISTAN- Today nineteen women celebrated their graduation from the USAID Women in Government Internship Program in Heart. These women completed six-month internships at the Herat Governor’s Office, Herat University, the Directorate of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock, and the Directorate of Women’s Affairs.
Fourth Cohort of Master of Education Graduates with USAID representatives at Shahid Professor Rabani Education University in Kab
April 16, 2013
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Twenty-two students received Master of Education degrees today from Shahid Professor Rabani Education University, as senior Afghan and U.S. education officials watched. The graduate program is part of a joint Afghan-U.S. effort to enhance education in Afghanistan 
March 30, 2013


The Kandahar Helmand Power Project (KHPP) promotes the growth, reliability and sustainability of Afghanistan’s Southern Electric Power System (SEPS).  The project contributes to U.S. government civilian-military cooperation on counterinsurgency, and helps the Afghan Government address a  20-25 megawatt (MW) electricity shortfall in Kandahar City, which is Afghanistan’s second largest city and is a center for education, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation in Southern Afghanistan. 

One of the graduates displays her diploma in Managerial Accounting after the graduation ceremony.
March 30, 2013
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Thirty-six Afghan professionals graduated on March 20, 2013 from the Distance Learning Diploma Programs offered by the Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance (AIBF) in partnership with the Kampala International University. Five of the graduates were females.
Teachers from Aisha-i-Durani High School in Kabul watch a live demonstration of the mobile money service with AWCC.
March 27, 2013
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Teachers from Aisha-i-Durani High School in Kabul now know how easy it is to access their salary accounts with the use of a mobile phone. They recently received a live demonstration of the mobile money service provided by Afghan Wireless Communications Company (AWCC) in partnership with Maiwand Bank.


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