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U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, P. Michael McKinley, honors 34 Afghan small and medium enterprises.
November 18, 2015

Kabul, November 18, 2015 – The United States Ambassador P. Michael McKinley and the Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development Directorate of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry; Mr. Ahmad Zia Sayed Khaili, recognized 34 Afghan small and medium enterprises that successfully completed investment partnerships with the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Assistance in Building Afghanistan by Developing Enterprise (ABADE) program.

The ceremony took place at the United States Embassy on November 17, during the Global Entrepreneurship Week.  Together, they have invested 46 million dollars in expanding their businesses to create 3,500 jobs in the Kabul area over the next several years. The 34 companies range from food manufacturing and agribusiness, clothing and furnishings production, construction materials production, metal fabrication, steel mills, to carpentry, digital printing and geoscience services.

USAID Acting Mission Director Robert Hellyer announces a new USAID Financial Access for Investing in the Development of Afghanis
May 17, 2011
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Today, USAID Acting Mission Director Robert Hellyer announced a new USAID project that will strengthen the financial sector by helping the Afghan government and the Afghan private-sector generate job creation and stimulate economic growth. The five-year Financial Access for Investing in the Development of Afghanistan (FAIDA) project launch brought together more than 100 representatives from banks, microfinance institutions, mobile network operators, and relevant government offices to discuss the future of Afghanistan’s financial sector.
U.S. Ambassador Hans G. Klemm, Coordinating Director for Rule of Law and Law Enforcement, speaks at the 26th Annual Judicial Sta
May 16, 2011
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Justice Abdul Salam Azimi, the Chief Justice of the Afghanistan Supreme Court and  U.S. Ambassador Hans G. Klemm, Coordinating Director for Rule of Law and Law Enforcement, attended the 26th Annual Judicial Stage Graduation Ceremony at the Ministerial Palace in Kabul. The program trains law, Shari’a, and Madrassa graduates to become judges. This year, 140 students were conferred degrees in the program.
The U.S. Ambassador Karl W. Eikenberry speaks to the deputy minister of education Asif Nang during re-opening ceremony of the Tu
May 9, 2011
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- of the organization in its permanent home in Murad Khane, in the heart of Kabul’s historic Old City. This event also acknowledged the partnership of the Afghan and American governments to support the work and activities of the foundation.
U.S. Deputy Ambassador E. Anthony Wayne (left) joins the dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Professor Hamidullah Amin, the C
May 4, 2011
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Officials from Kabul University and the U.S. Government inaugurated the Kabul University
Renewable Energy Laboratory (KURE Lab) today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and tour of the facility. The KURE Lab is intended to serve as a multipurpose facility for renewable energy education, research, component testing, and evaluation for engineers. USAID established the KURE Lab through its Afghanistan Clean Energy Program (ACEP) in collaboration with Kabul University. The lab is part of the Faculty of Engineering.


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