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September 2, 2015


  • Implementation period: November 2014 – December 2017
  • Project budget: $5.6 million

Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia in adolescence is a major public health issue in Afghanistan, where the prevalence of anemia is among the highest in the world. Recent national nutrition survey findings indicate that anemia exists in all age groups and is particularly high among adolescent girls. Adolescents in general (age 10–19 years) are at high risk of iron deficiency and anemia due to poor dietary intake of iron, high rates of infection, notably from parasites, as well as from societal pressures for early marriage and adolescent pregnancy. Long-term problems associated with anemia include maternal mortality and complications while giving birth.

The U.S. Ambassador Karl W. Eikenberry and the Afghan Minister of Finance Omar Zakhilwal signed a joint statement on the new USA
June 8, 2011
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Today, U.S. Ambassador Karl W. Eikenberry announced a new USAID project which will aid in the reform and build upon the improvements of Afghanistan’s land management systems. The three-year Land Reform in Afghanistan (LARA) project will build the capacity of Afghan Government institutions involved in land management to provide land-related services to the Afghan private and public sectors.
Dr. Kaush Arha (right), US Embassy Deputy Senior Coordinator for Agriculture, addresses World Environment Day participants.
June 5, 2011
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- On the occasion of World Environment Day, Afghan and U.S. government officials met today at the Queen’s Palace at Babur Gardens to take part in an event organized by Afghanistan’s National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA). The event featured presentations and exhibits to stimulate awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and public action.
U.S. Ambassador Karl W. Eikenberry congratulates one of 32 students among American University of Afghanistan's first graduating
May 26, 2011
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Thirty-two students from the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) celebrated their graduation during a commencement ceremony today that marked a milestone in their lives. The students, including eight women, climbed the stage with great pride and gratitude to receive bachelor’s degrees in business, information technology, computer science, political science, and public administration.


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