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September 30, 2015
  • Implementation period: April 2010 – December 2014
  • Project budget: $14 million


September 30, 2015

The On Farm Water Management Project is improving agricultural productivity by enhancing the efficiency of water used in all areas of Afghanistan where security permits. The project measures its impact by improvements in land productivity (yield of wheat, ton/hectare), water productivity (yield of wheat for each volume of water used), and the increase in irrigated area.

September 27, 2015

The Agricultural Credit Enhancement (ACE) program (July 2010 – February 2015) established and managed the Agricultural Development Fund (ADF) until it was transferred to the Afghan government. Throughout its course the program provided $60.7 million in loans directly benefiting more than 31,000 farmers.

September 27, 2015

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been helping the Afghan government to increase children’s access to basic education since 2002.

The Early Grade Reading Survey project will acquire data and information on student reading ability in primary and community-based education schools, providing key information for the Ministry of Education and the international donor community to reform and improve early grade reading instruction.

USAID/Afghanistan's Health and Nutrition Office Director, Karla Fossand, delivering remarks via video.
September 21, 2015

The Afghan Midwives Association (AMA) held its 11th annual congress to discuss ways to improve maternal and newborn health. This year’s theme was “Midwives for a Better tomorrow,” highlighting the contribution of midwifery to improving health outcomes in Afghanistan.

Twenty female football players left Afghanistan on Sept. 14 for a nine-day trip to Hiroshima, Japan.
September 15, 2015

Twenty female football players left Afghanistan on Sept. 14 for a nine-day trip to Hiroshima, Japan. The women are members of the Afghanistan Women's Football team and will participate in the Hiroshima Leadership and Communication Training Program.


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