Kabul Education University Graduates First Class of Master’s Degree Students

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- A group of 22 Kabul Education University (KEU) students walked across the university’s stage today in front of a packed auditorium at the university campus to become the first KEU students to receive an Afghan Master’s in Education diploma. 
The ceremony marked the beginning of a successful U.S. Government-funded post-graduate program at the university, which will enable KEU students to earn a Master’s in Education Degree from KEU without leaving Afghanistan.   
A group of 19 other KEU post-graduate students were also honored for recently receiving their Master’s in Education Degrees from two universities in the United States - Indiana University and the University of Massachusetts.
The Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Professor Mohammad Osman Babury, and U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry, presented the diplomas to the students during the ceremony. Deputy Minister Babury underscored the importance of having a program that reaches all of the universities nationwide. 
“The Afghan Master’s in Education is the best program so far in the country because it is conceived by Afghans, the curriculum was designed with Afghans in mind and it is delivered in Dari,” Deputy Minister Barbury said.  “The program is relevant because it matches the long-term goals of Afghanistan and the Ministry of Higher Education considers it sustainable.”  
Ambassador Eikenberry congratulated all the students, and stressed the importance of having the new graduates use their educational skills teaching students majoring in education at universities throughout Afghanistan. 
“The Master’s of Education program is a key element in building the capacity of Afghanistan’s education system and the overall development of the country,” Ambassador Eikenberry said.

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