Afghanistan Businesses Made $2.3 Million in Deals at 2013 Gulfood

Ms. Sediqi signs a deal with a Malaysian buyer
Ms. Sediqi signs a deal with a Malaysian buyer

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Sunday, March 10, 2013
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Afghan  traders signed more than $2.3 million in business deals for 1,079 tons of the country’s high-quality agricultural products with companies in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and India at 25-28 February Gulfood Exhibition in Dubai.
That amount could skyrocket in coming weeks, as the 26 Afghan participants continue to negotiate with buyers from around the world. The traders, who export fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts, saffron, juice, and juice concentrate, are working to finalize potential deals for more than 5,000 tons of agricultural products estimated at roughly $30 million.
Naweyan Nawed Ltd., owned by Kamela Sediqi, closed Afghanistan’s first deal at the exhibition and touts the largest amount of confirmed and potential deals. The company signed four deals totaling $1.2 million for 125 tons of the company’s dried fruit and nuts. The company is also working to finalize more than $11.8 million in potential deals. 
“Participating in the Gulfood show was a fantastic experience for my company,” said Ms. Sediqi. “We had a high interest in all of our high-quality Afghanistan products and signed contracts for sales with a number of countries, including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and India.”
Omaid Bahar Fruits Processing Ltd., a Kabul-based company established with USAID support, signed the largest single deal. The company closed a deal worth $800,000 to export 720 tons of locally produced fruit juice to Esurf Trading LLC in the United Arab Emirates.
A total of 380 business representatives and buyers visited the Afghanistan pavilion, sampled the country’s pomegranates, saffron, raisins, pistachios, and other agricultural items, and praised the traders on the superior quality of their products.
“This was a wonderful opportunity for traders to find buyers for their products and to sell their products from Afghanistan,” said Nawab Said, a Gulfood participant and the owner of Benazir Saffron, who is currently negotiating a $330,000 deal.
Gulfood, which was held from Feb. 25-28, is touted as the biggest and most important food and hospitality exhibition in the Middle East. USAID supported Afghanistan’s participation in Gulfood 2013 as well as in past years, paving the way for millions of dollars in deals that opened up new markets for Afghanistan.

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