Afghan Professionals Graduate from Distance Learning Program

One of the graduates displays her diploma in Managerial Accounting after the graduation ceremony.
One of the graduates displays her diploma in Managerial Accounting after the graduation ceremony.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Thirty-six Afghan professionals graduated on March 20, 2013 from the Distance Learning Diploma Programs offered by the Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance (AIBF) in partnership with the Kampala International University. Five of the graduates were females.
Supported by USAID, the diploma programs provide a flexible option for professionals from all over Afghanistan to further their education and advance their career without putting their full time job on hold. The program is designed with the needs of working professionals in mind and is meant to address the lack of well-trained professionals in the financial sector. The year-long program, which started in 2012, offers three courses – Human Resource Management, Managerial Accounting and Microfinance.
Ms. Safeena Niazi, who had worked with different USAID projects since 2004, said she has been wanting to upgrade her education and skill set but did not want to stop working. “I help support my family and send my siblings to school. I am also supporting the orphaned family of my late uncle. I cannot afford to be without a job. I am grateful for this distance learning program because my wish came true. I took Managerial Accounting because I would like to expand my opportunities and work as Director of Operations or Finance. Also, this diploma course will be credited towards a master’s degree, which I plan to do next,” Safeena said.
Mr. Khyber Walizada, internal control manager at a nonprofit microfinance organization and one of the graduates of the program, says: “I have learned a lot from the Microfinance Program. After a year of focused study, I can now better identify system violations and weaknesses in other units of my organizations, like Marketing, and confidently give advice and recommendation.”
AIBF initially offered three diploma courses, namely microfinance management, human resource management, and managerial accounting. In academic year 2013, which starts in May, four courses will be added, namely Islamic finance, banking and finance, management studies, and marketing management.

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