Salang Tunnel Substation

  • Duration: 
    Apr 2017 – Jan 2020
  • Value: $20 Million


Salang Tunnel, which is the only access in the eastern Afghanistan for commercial route, linking Afghanistan to Central Asia. The tunnel is a strategic asset through which over 80 percent of Afghanistan’s north-south commerce passes.

The Salang Tunnel Substation located at an elevation of over 3,600 meters, provides 4 MW of low-cost, reliable power for all weather operation of the tunnel and the surrounding villages of Parwan Province. The project is a joint venture between a Turkish and an Afghan company, working as a DABS contractor.


  • Procure and Supply different electrical and mechanical equipment for the substation.
  • Construct the substation and install equipment.
  • Complete, test, and commission the 4 MW substation.


  • Construction of the Salang Tunnel Substation completed on October 15, 2019, and has the following outcomes:
  • The Tunnel is a strategic asset and serves passage of over 80 percent of Afghanistan’s north-south commerce.
  • The completion of substation offsets the use of one million liters of diesel fuel each year previously required to operate the tunnel’s generators.
  • The substation provides all weather supply of power for the Salang Tunnel and electrifies surrounding villages in Parwan Province.


Last updated: December 05, 2019

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