Global Broadband and Innovation (GBI) Program

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  • Duration: 
    Oct 2016 – Oct 2019
  • Value: $1 Million


The objective of the GBI program is to support the Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA) in rejuvenating its Telecom Development Fund (TDF). The USAID-financed effort supported the transition of ATRA’s universal access program (TDF) from a voice telephone-oriented program to one bringing mobile and optical fiber broadband to underserved rural and urban communities throughout Afghanistan.


  • Increase transparency of governance and operations
  • Consistent strategic and operational planning
  • Review of previous studies regarding spectrum pricing and frequency allocations for 4G spectrum in Afghanistan
  • Work with the spectrum expert contracted through the World Bank and follow up with the recommendations/suggestions provided
  • Coordinate with ATRA the activities regarding the 4G spectrum assignment and provide timely recommendations in that regard
  • Review the spectrum expert’s final report and provide ATRA with an assessment of the recommendations, including spectrum pricing and the calculated reserve prices
  • Attend the public consultations that will be conducted at different stages of the overall process and provide recommendations on responses to the interested parties
  • Provide assistance in the preparation of the public bidding process if that is the path chosen by ATRA to assign 4G spectrum
  • Provide recommendations on legal and technical matters regarding the assignment of 4G spectrum
  • Provide recommendations on legal and technical matters regarding the assignment and licensing of 4G spectrum, including license rules and cybersecurity principles, standards and safeguards


  • Conducted Scope of Work for a financial audit of the TDF, conforming to Afghanistan’s National Procurement Authority Standard Bidding Documents; provided Scope of Work to ATRA
  • Updated procedures for the Manual of Operating Procedures; issued a draft trip summary (copied to USAID)
  • Completed review of the latest Request for Proposals for the (remaining) 9th Rural Telecom Development (RTD) project
  • Completed the assessment for implementation of the 4G spectrum


Last updated: February 03, 2020

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