Engineering Support Program (ESP)

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  • Duration: 
    July 2016 – Jan 2020
  • Value: $125 Million


The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Engineering Support Program (ESP) provides architectural, engineering, and construction management services for infrastructure projects related to energy, transportation, drinking water, sanitation, health, education, and agriculture.


  • Contribute to Afghan-led economic growth by assisting DABS, the Afghan national electric utility, and facilitating private sector investment in power generation; ESP supports planning, design, improved national procurement processes, and construction quality assurance on electric power transmission and generation projects throughout Afghanistan.
  • Provide independent construction management services for infrastructure projects
  • Review civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designs and provides technical and construction management support for education, health, water, and other public services and facilities
  • Review and assesses proposed construction activities
  • Provide training and professional advancement opportunities for Afghans to build national engineering and construction management capacity; Currently developing the skills of 62 Afghan engineers working on USAID infrastructure projects. The training includes project management, computer-aided design, international building codes, technical writing, technical reviews, and leadership principles
  • ESP conducts an intensive internship program that provides newly graduated engineers and architects on-the-job experience in the operations of an engineering firm, including construction oversight, shop drawing reviews, technical presentations, computer-aided design, and other engineering principles and practices. By 2019, 32 women had graduated from the program, which was started in 2011 by the previous USAID Afghanistan Engineering Support Program.
  • Inform Afghans about USAID infrastructure development projects through mass media and social media outreach efforts


  • Ensure the quality of over $370 million in USAID-supported infrastructure construction projects in Afghanistan meets international standards and adheres to best practices
  • Train Afghan partners to operate, sustain, and maintain USAID-supported infrastructure


Last updated: December 11, 2019

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