Recent Developments in Human Resources Policy: CS 10-Day Excused Absence, Emergency Visitation Travel (EVT), Assisting Members of Households (MOHs), Overtime Work, and Family and Medical Leave

Mandatory Reference for ADS Chapter 472

Reference Issuance Date: 10/05/2011
Policy Issuance Date: 05/10/2001
Responsible Office: OHR/PPIM/PP
File Name: 472mae_100511


Previously, Civil Service employees who returned to USAID/W after serving overseas had to use annual leave for the purpose of relocating back to Washington, because they did not meet the criteria for eligibility of home leave (see 3 FAM 3430) like most of their Foreign Service colleagues. Upon completion of an overseas assignment, Foreign Service employees, in most cases, are eligible to take home leave earned overseas, provided they are expected to return to service abroad immediately or upon completion of an assignment in the U.S.