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  • Stories to Inspire the End of Extreme Poverty. Read how Electricity and Opportunity are transforming a Tanzanian Village.

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  • USAID invests in empowering women and youth to fully participate in Tanzania's development.

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  • USAID is helping small farmers in Tanzania increase yields and gain access to markets.

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  • USAID partners with Tanzanians to combat wildlife trafficking

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Asha Goa works outside her house in Tanzania.
Savings and Loan Groups Empower Women in Tanzania
A nurse gives a child an immunization shot while his mother holds him.
Tanzania Reduces Infant Mortality With Lifesaving Vaccines
Albert Cosmas
From Traditional Healer to Ambassador for Male Circumcision in Tanzania

About Tanzania

Tanzania's political stability, sound economic management and considerable resources all contribute to the country’s great potential for sustained growth. Driven by tourism, mining, trade and communications, the private sector has grown considerably, with economic growth averaging seven percent since 2000. 

U.S. assistance supports Tanzania’s national development goal to build public and private capacity to foster a healthier, prosperous and secure nation through accountable, democratic government that responds effectively to the needs of its citizens.

Coordinating with the Government of Tanzania and other donors, USAID:

  • Empowers women and youth.
  • Improves access to and the quality of health and education.
  • Strengthens governance.
  • Contributes to economic growth in ways that improve food security and protect natural resources.

Tanzania was one of four countries chosen for the Partnership for Growth, a USAID effort to accelerate and sustain broad-based economic growth among countries with a proven track record in policy and development.

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Last updated: August 29, 2016

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