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USAID Research and Innovation Fellowships

Become a Host Institution: The USAID Research and Innovation Fellowships are part of a global network organized through USAID in collaboration with partner universities. The network provides a novel model for achieving sustainable solutions to global development challenges by allowing Fellow and Host institutions to tap into new expertise, resources, and energy in a collaborative manner.

Hosts have a unique opportunity to engage in research collaborations with U.S. counterparts in similar fields. Hosts not only gain the knowledge and research skills of their respective counterpart, but Fellows also connect hosts to a network of prestigious U.S. institutions. Hosts are universities, private sector corporations, research institutions, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations, all focused on the goals of promoting experiences, educational initiatives, and research relevant to international development.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Host: The sponsoring host must provide opportunities to participate in a research project with defined development impacts and tangible, measurable goals. In addition to their contributions to the host, Fellows should be able to take away knowledge, skills, and experience to facilitate future career opportunities as well as personal and professional growth. Host institutions will be required to host Fellows for 2-12 months and provide onsite supervisors, but no direct financial support is requested.

To become a host, contact the partnering universities directly, or contact to indicate your interest. The university program managers can be contacted by visiting:

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Last updated: May 04, 2017

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