Going Beyond A to Z - Helping Kids Learn to Read in Madagascar

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USAID has worked closely with the Ministry of National Education on an innovative approach to improve early childhood reading. The Mahay Mamaky Teny ("I Know How To Read!") pilot project has tested a new approach, curriculum, and materials for young readers in Madagascar. The results will inform the development of Madagascar’s Education Sector Plan.

Video Transcript 
USAID and Madagascar’s Ministry of National Education have been working on an innovative approach to improve how young Malagasy school children learn to read. Together they launched a 7-month pilot project to provide better training for teachers and new learning materials for beginning readers: Mahay Mamaky Teny – “We Know How To Read!” PRINCIPAL: My name is Rakotomandrindra Pascal Herinaivo… …and you can call me Hery. I am the principal of the… … Ambohitrinibe public elementary school I think this new program helps the kids increase their reading skills. TEACHER: I read IT first, then I read it together with the kids, …and finally the kids read on their own. My name is (Ms.) Rakotoarimanga Haingo and I am a Grade 1 teacher. The pilot project was initially done in 8 schools and then expanded up to 60 schools, with help from the World Bank. As part of the project, new teaching and reading materials were developed for the classroom. I have noticed a big improvement in the kids’ reading skills. Earlier, the kids only knew how to read the alphabet from A to Z, But now they can read whole sentences and a short paragraph. They like the book’s contents, the letters … … and they easily learn. The Mahay Mamaky Teny project will help inform decision-making for the government’s new Education sector plan. Question: What do you like learning the most? Answer: I like reading. (Kids cheering) We know how to read!

Last updated: July 26, 2022

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