Implementer: International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Amount Awarded: $500,000 (FY 10 and FY11)
Duration: 36 months
Description: Improve the ability of the Government of Guatemala to prevent, provide better attention to, and prosecute cases of TIP victims.  Strengthen institutional capacity of the Secretariat against Sexual Violence, Exploitation and Trafficking in Persons (SVET) and involve the appropriate counterpart organization in the implementation of TIP law.   Implement TIP prevention measures  through general awareness-raising, reintegration assistance, and educational campaigns among high-risk groups.  Improve the Government of Guatemala's ability to investigate and prosecute TIP cases and increase expertise in TIP prosecution.
Related C-TIP Policy Principle or Objective: USAID comparative advantage and learning


Implementer: CARE International
Amount Awarded: $896,000 (FY 12)
Duration: 60 months
Description: Protecting vulnerable populations, including youth targeted for domestic service.
Related C-TIP Policy Principle or Objective: USAID comparative advantage


Implementer: Management System International (MSI)
Amount Awarded: $30,000 (FY 12)
Description: A training module, "Conceptual approaches, basic aspects of TIP and the national and international legal framework" was integrated into a Certificate Course on Victim's Rights in the New Criminal Justice System. The objective of the TIP module is to provide justice operators with the basic knowledge of the legal framework applicable to TIP under the new Criminal Justice System and international law.
Related C-TIP Policy Principle or Objective: Integration of efforts to combat TIP in development programs


Last updated: August 09, 2013

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